My Story

At Tress Up Hair we care about people, listen to each client’s individual needs, concerns and exceed their expectations by offering affordability, excellent customer service and long lasting quality.


Founded in 2013, Tress Up Hair has grown from humble mobile beginnings to what it is today by the founder, Storm Meredith. Graduating from University in 2010, Storm’s dream was always to run her own business and to change people’s perspectives of hair extensions. By doing this Tress Up Hair only offers 100% damage-free applications, that are reusable, long lasting, affordable and that highly encourage hair growth.

“Wearing hair extensions myself for over 15 years, I’ve learnt that not all methods of hair extensions are for everyone. Some women have greasy hair, some women have dry hair, some women have curly hair and some have straight! This is why we offer six methods of hair extensions to suit every woman’s lifestyle and individual needs”.

With the combination of exceptional quality, competitive prices and excellent customer service, Tress Up Hair is now one of the South West’s leading hair extension specialists, with a substantial client base from all over the UK. Tress Up Hair were Awarded ‘Master Extensionist’ by Beauty Works 2018.

Training & Assurances

Tress Up Hair is proud to be professionally trained and certified with Belle Academy, who have offered award winning hair extension training since 1999. Belle Academy also has celebrity salons specialising in all methods of human hair extensions, this means their knowledge and expertise are carried through to their courses which ensures that every Belle Academy graduate is armed with the correct knowledge to provide a great service. Their courses cover three of the most popular and classic hair extension methods used worldwide, all of these methods are professional semi-permanent systems. Tress Up Hair is certified and assured by ABT (Associated Beauty Therapists).